SCENES nature activities

      At the scout center Rotterdam it is possible for groups to discover nature with and without guided lessons. We offer a number of green boxes that can be used as a educational activity for a small group. It is also possible in various ways to discover nature on our property without an assignment.

      For Scouts it is possible to do a number of nature activities that is part of our activity badge: the Willow. There are also opportunities to work on parts of the World Scout Environment Program and Biodiversity United Nations Challenge program. For more information about the programs please contact the managers.

      Always inform in advance if an activity is available and contact us for more information and to reserve an activity with the managers.

      Below you will find  the possibilities.

      educational nature assignments: (green boxes)

      • identify plants

      • determine soil animals

      • research soil composition

      • observing birds

      • tree measurement

      • identify water animals

      • determine water quality on the basis of aquatic animals

      • determine the brightness of the water using the Secchi disk

      non formal learning:

      • rowing boats

      • playing in the natural forest

      • moi gekloi (survival course above the water)

      • discover life in the ditches with scoop nets

      • search for insects with insect pots

      • visit the bee hotel

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