Yakar turning

      Yakar twirling is an old game which still can be found at our centre.

      A Yakar consists of a wooden ring having a spoke therein. Strings of the same length are fixed on the wooden ring they are at the end connected with one another with a thicker heavier rope, which is completely round.

      How do you turn Yakar?
      You start slowly rotating. Make sure you bent over a little bit in the beginning, so the rope will not hit your legs. Next you run faster and bring the yakar, still turning, in front of you. From now on you should switch to the double blow, otherwise you do not last long. The double blow means that you make a full 360 degree turn with each hand continously.

      What are the possibilities?
      The possibilities are unlimited. A few known tricks are:

      • The Yakar above the head, then sit down and then lie down on your back and back up again.
      • Get past the Yakar behind it, this is a competition going on whom this most times in succession can do without getting dizzy.
      • The Yakar permanently running behind us, this is very difficult because you can not see what you're doing.
      • The Yakar right to keep, toss and catch again. Variant on this is to walk through underneath the Yakar and then to catch. This is very difficult!
      • The Yakar above the head and then toss and catch again.
      • The Yakar run on a finger.
      • The Yakar surrender to someone standing next to you or across your state.
      • Several yakars run simultaneously. This is useful if the yakars indicated one by one.

      On our video channel more you rotate a movie about the Yakar. Below you see the movie as well

      This activity you do not have a reservation and is free, ask the administrator or camp staff if a Yakar.

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