Recreation Forests

      In the immediate vicinity of the Scout Centre Rotterdam are various recreational forests. The nearest is the Schollebos (1) approximately 2 km away. A little further away, around 3.5 km, lies the Hitlandbos (2), where in the summer you can swim in two small lakes. About as far is the Kralingse Bos (3) where also climbing park Fun Forest in is located. Here you can also BBQ when the weather is good and, in addition, you can also take a swim. A little further away, around 6 kilometres, a somewhat larger forest is situated: Lage Bersche Bos. (4). Here you can enjoy hiking and also climbing (outdoor centre Outdoor Valley is situated here). The Zevenhuizerplas (5) is a large recreational Lake with a pretty beach. This is about 6 kilometres away from the Scout Centre. On the map below you can find the recreational forests and lakes, click on the map to enlarge it.


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