Badge "the Willow"

      The Scout Centre has its own activities badge that we call "the Willow". You cannot just buy this badge, you have to earn it by gaining a certain number of points, depending on your age.
      Children under 10 years must earn at least 80 points. If you are between 10 and 12 then you need to earn at least 90 points. If you are between 12 and 15 years, then you need at least 110 points. Anyone over 15 years old must earn at least 140 points.

      You don’t need to book this activity. Ask the warden or camp staff for information. The cost for the badge can be found here.

      You can earn points by doing the following activities during your stay at the Scout Centre


      Number of points

      Individual Assignments

      At least 2 nights camping in a tent

      10 points

      Prepare a meal on wood fire

      20 points

      Yakar turning (the Yakar should be placed horizontally above the head)

      20 points

      Bicycle trip of at least 40 kilometres

      20 points

      Swimming (in the ditch or a swimming pool)


      Be part of a Dropping exercise

      10 points

      Walking at night from Hoek van Holland to Schevening (or vice versa)

      25 points

      Walk the Capelle aan den IJssel hike (more information with the warden or camp staff)

      10 points

      Visit a museum and make a report of at least 4 pages

      20 points

      Group assignments

      Do a performance together with another group at the Campfire

      15 points

      Ask the wardem or camp staff for a service job at the Scout Centre

      10 points

      Connect with a group witn another nationality

      15 points

      Learn at least five, very usable, phrases in antother language

      25 points

      Activiteiten – Wilg

      Scout Centre Rotterdam | 's Gravenweg 101 | 2902 LE Capelle aan den IJssel | T +31 10 450 5358 | E info@scoutcentrumrotterdam.nl
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