Buildings and land

      Scout Centrum Rotterdam offers three different shelters:

      • the holiday farm

      • three log cabins on site

      • Eleven camping fields


      Farm house

      On the ground floor of the barn there is a large space to be used up to 80 guests. The wooden construction, barn windows and the lighting create a cosy atmosphere. In the corner a small bar is situated with a fridge and a sink.

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      Camping Areas

      The Scout Centre Rotterdam has eleven camping areas of various sizes, located on a total of up to 9 hectares. The areas are separated by ditches, wooden banks or by planting. 

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      Log Cabins

      At out centre we have 2 log cabins available with differend capacities. It's perfect for hikers who want to stay for a night or small groups who for parctical reasons don't want or can't stay in tents but prefer to sleep on/near a campsite.

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      Other facilities

      Other facilities present at the Scout Centre which can be used  if available and in consultation with the other guests and/or Warden/Campstaff are for example the Game ofrest, Camp fireplace. Other business which can be used or rented during your visit can be found under activities.

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