Scout Centre Rotterdam is a proud member of SCENES

      Scout Centre Rotterdam strives for sustainable policy of nature and the environment. We do this by means of the guidelines of the world scouting organization the WOSM. They have a quality mark for Scout Centers: SCENES (Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature and Environment) We almost meet all the requirements for obtaining the quality mark.

      What does that mean if you are a guest at the Scoutcentrum Rotterdam?

      It means that you are a guest at a center where there is an extensive plan for dealing with nature and the environment. In practical terms, this means that we ask you to separate your waste, use our biologically friendly cleaning product, dishwashing liquid and toilet paper. Use as little plastic as possible and produce as little waste as possible. Furthermore, we ask you to handle water and electricity wisely. At the centre we ask you to respect nature and especially to deal with the ditches and the wooded banks.

      Activities in our natural environment

      Furthermore, guests of the centre can do different nature activities. They are mainly focused on the nature that is present at the centre. Scouts and Cubs can do our own activity badge the willowbadge during their camp week or weekend. They can also do parts of The World Scout Environment Badge. Schools and sportclubs can make use of nature activities. All information about these nature activities can be found in the header activities.

      Description of nature on the terrain

      Scout Centre Rotterdam is part of a unique piece of nature in the Dutch landscape. The centre is one of the few remaining peatlands in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. We are very proud of our centre and want Scouts, children of schools and sportclubs to play in nature which is located in the middle of the city.
      Our site consists of approximately 8 hectares of beacon landscape with characteristic ditches that surround the landslope. The first landslope of the centre is grown with trees, bushes and we dug some ditches to give children the chance to discover nature. The next two landslopes are with camping fields, surrounded by wooden banks. The last landslope was added to the centre only after the year 2000 and has more meadow allure like the original landscape. What is also very recognizable on the site are the willows that grow on the ditch side. We also do our mowing in phases so that some wild flowers and nettles get the chance to thrive on some of the terrain.
      Do you want to do an activity in nature with your school class, Scouting group or sportclub? Click on activities and search for a fun activity to discover this piece of unique nature.

      Want more?

      More information about the SCENES program can be found on the website of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (https://www.scout.org/scenes) or at the website of our National Scout Organisation (https://www.scouting.nl/over-scouting/organisatie/terreinen-en-accommodaties/scenes).

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