Scout Centre Rotterdam was founded in 1966 and is accommodated in a spacious 300 year old cheese farm (built about 1700) located at the 's-Gravenweg in Capelle aan den IJssel. There is a Dutch saying “as old as the way to Kralingen” the referenced ‘way’ is the ‘s Gravenweg.

      The farm and stables are a national monument. The official opening took place after the renovation was complete in 1969. From that moment on Scout Centre Rotterdam is a meeting place for scouts from all over the world.

      The former barn of the farm has been converted into a logging accommodation and the meadows have been transformed into spacious, camping fields (±22 acres). The former horse and pig stables have also been converted and serve as scouting accommodation used by for two Scout groups; Scouting Hendrik van Halewijn and Scouting Johan van der Veecken

      In 1986 the Rotterdam “Foundation Volkskracht - Historical Monument” bought the entire centre from the municipality of Capelle aan Den IJssel. Since then they invested a lot in the renovation of the beautiful farmhouse, stables and the surrounding landscape.


      Scout Centre Rotterdam | 's Gravenweg 101 | 2902 LE Capelle aan den IJssel | T +31 10 450 5358 | E info@scoutcentrumrotterdam.nl
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