Green Team

      On Tuesday and Friday mornings, the Green Team volunteers works, all year around, at the centre. There's always something to prune, build, mow or paint. The equipment for all activities is provided by the centre via the wardens.

      The Green Team is assisted by clients of “Stichting Pameijer” and “Accent Praktijkschool. Pameijer’s clients are vulnerable people”, young and elderly, with psychosocial or mental problems. Accent’s clients/students are low educated and are offered the experience to work in the fields they are educated in.

      Join the Green Team

      An extra hand is always welcome, whether you're a senior, are employed in irregular shifts work or if you are less strongly build, but have a technical capability. Specific knowledge of nature is not necessary, proper guidance and if necessary instruction ensure that everyone works safely and responsibly.

      Just visit the centre on a Tuesday or Friday to meet the Green Team.

      What can you expect from the scout centre?

      Membership of the national organisation of Scouting in the Netherlands, good tools and proper instructions when working on the large site where you can be busy with all kinds of work and of course a cup of coffee and in a pleasant atmosphere.

      What does the scout centre expect of you?

      We expect that you match your presence with the warden. Furthermore we are looking for a healthy dose of energy.

      Want to become a Green Team member or of you need  more information?

      Please contact the wardens

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