Many volunteers take care of Scout Centre Rotterdam: firstly, the administrators, furthermore the camp staff, the Green team, administration and various other volunteers. All volunteers get a contract and are registered with Scouting Netherlands. The volunteers are also in possession of a certificate of good behaviour.



      The wardens of Scout Centre Rotterdam reside at the centre and they are practically always present or have arranged replacement in case of holidays. The wardens welcome all guests on arrival and are responsible for a nice and pleasant stay of our guests. During peak season and on hosting big groups at the centre the wardens are assisted by the camp staff. The wardens are also responsible for the complete administrative handling of the bookings

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      The Board

      The Board of the Scout Centre Rotterdam is responsible for the exploitation of the centre. Besides the overall organization, the board is also responsible for finances, technical management, marketing and communication.

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      Scout Centre Rotterdam was founded in 1966 and is accommodated in a spacious 300 year old cheese farm (built about 1700) located at the 's-Gravenweg in Capelle aan den IJssel. There is a Dutch saying “as old as the way to Kralingen” the referenced ‘way’ is the ‘s Gravenweg.

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      Green Team

      On Tuesday and Friday mornings, the Green Team volunteers works, all year around, at the centre. There's always something to prune, build, mow or paint. The equipment for all activities is provided by the centre via the wardens.

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      Camp Staff

      Throughout the summer months and in the busier weekends there is camp staff present at the centre. The camp staff group consist of volunteers who are staying at the centre. If present they are the first point of contact for our guests and assist them with advice and support.

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      Scout Centre Rotterdam | 's Gravenweg 101 | 2902 LE Capelle aan den IJssel | T +31 10 450 5358 | E info@scoutcentrumrotterdam.nl
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