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Are you looking for a surprising place to stay with a group? At our center we welcome Scoutgroups, schools or sportclubs. Our Scout Centre is close to Rotterdam, yet in a unique green environment. You can camp with us all year round, stay overnight in the farmhouse, the log cabins or on the fixed tent field. For more information click on the heading 'Accommodations'.

Scoutcentrum Rotterdam is part of a unique piece of nature in the Dutch landscape. The center is one of the few remaining peatlands in the municipality of Capelle aan den IJssel. We are very proud of our centre and want Scouts, children of schools and sportclubs can enjoy playing in nature which is in the middle of the city. 

There is plenty to do at Scoutcentrum Rotterdam and there is also plenty to do and visit in the area. Do you want inspiration? Click on 'Activities'.

Scoutcentrum Rotterdam is managed and maintained by enthusiastic volunteers. By clicking on the heading 'About us' you will learn more about who the volunteers are and what they do.

Scoutcentrum Rotterdam strives for sustainable policy of nature and the environment. We do this by means of the guidelines of the world scouting organization the WOSM. They have a quality mark for Scout Centers: SCENES (Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature and Environment) We almost meet all the requirements for obtaining the quality mark. Want to know more about SCENES? Click on 'About us' followed by 'SCENES'.

Underneath you'll find a first impression of Scout Centre Rotterdam

Do you (after looking at the website and the movie) have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. The contact details are at the bottom of this webpage. Detailed contact information can be found under the top menu item 'Contact'.

See you soon!

Scout Centre Rotterdam | 's Gravenweg 101 | 2902 LE Capelle aan den IJssel | T +31 10 450 5358 | E info@scoutcentrumrotterdam.nl
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